Who Is J K Rowling ?

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Who Is J K Rowling
Read " Who Is J K Rowling " By Tanya Turner

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Who Is J K Rowling is actually a well written book. rowling discover writer harry potter series

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Author: Tanya Turner


Read and Discover why J K Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, is the author of Magic! Well guess what; Neil Armstrong did! Do you have a dream? She had to overcome a great deal of difficult circumstances in her life to create it true. But reaching her dreams wasn't easy. Some folks dream about writing the best-selling children's book series inside the globe ever and be developed into a multi-million dollar movies. You will find out about her childhood, her school life, her time at university and the struggles in her young adult life. ” you will read about Joanne Rowling; the person behind the pen name J K Rowling. Well guess what; J K Rowling did! In “ Who is J K Rowling? So hurry and get a copy of this e Book and discover who J K Rowling is! Some individuals dream about winning gold in the Olympics. Well guess what; Michael Phelps did! Something so big it seems impossible? Some people dream about going to the moon. More importantly though, you will find out about how one particular woman using the odds stacked against her, became the richest and bestselling author inside the globe.


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  • No. Pages: 23

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