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An Unofficial Muggle's Guide To The Wizarding World: Exploring The Harry Potter Universe

Unofficial Muggles Guide To The Wizarding

ECW Press

Author: Fionna Boyle

The author is Fionna Boyle and it was published sometime in 2004 by ECW Press. The book is 400 pages long. The child's book is 9.96"H x 0.98"L x 6.85"W and weighs close to 1.86 lbs, visit the hyperlink below.

This book has not been authorized by J. K. Rowling, Warner Bros. , or any person related with all the Harry Potter books or films. Characters, creatures, locations, and objects in the series are explored, like the magicians' school Hogwarts, the sport of Quidditch, and the practitioners of the dark arts. From Azkaban to zombies, every aspect from the enthralling universe in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is explained, expanded, and celebrated in this literary guidebook for Muggles (humans who are often not aware employing the magical planet that witches and wizards inhabit ). Enthusiasts in the series will find supplementary info on the historical roots within the symbolism and mythology employed in the series, how the books and films compare, and creative tips for throwing a Harry Potter– themed party.


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