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Harry Potter Handbook: Movie Magic (harry Potter Movie Tie-in)

Harry Potter Handbook Movie Magic

Scholastic Inc.

Author: Scholastic

Presents a guide to the Harry Potter film series, including information on the actors, characters, settings, and special effects of the films.
Children love Harry Potter Handbook, Movie Magic by Scholastic. Written by Scholastic and the publisher is Scholastic Inc. The went on sale on the 1st of June, 2011. The paperback book talks about Harry Potter films and is thought of as wonderful juvenile literature. The book is 64 pages long and it is packed with colorfully illustrated artwork.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at all the magic of the Harry Potter film saga! Find the answers to those issues and significantly much much more about life on the set from the Harry Potter films in this handbook! Ever wonder how they created Harry fly on his broomstick? It takes a peek back with the cast and crew to explore just what it took to create the Harry Potter films happen. Or Hermione transfigure a teacup?


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